Citrine: Healing Properties & Uses

Citrine is one of the most popular and available yellow stones. This rare semi-precious stone, often confused with Yellow Topaz, appeals to us with its attractive color, hardness, and price, which has made it one of the best-selling yellow-orange stones on the market.

Citrine found in nature tends to have pale shades of yellow, often with a smoky color. The saturation of the stone tones is influenced by the number of ferric ions – as their amount increases, the color deepens.

citrine healing properties

Citrine appears on the market from the lowest-priced lemon shades to expensive gold-orange and beautifully golden-brown variations. Deep orange stones with red reflections are called “madeira” (wood in the Portuguese language) and of course, are among the most sought after. The more expensive is the so-called “palmeira” (palm tree in Portuguese), which has a beautiful orange amber color.

The name Citrine comes from the Latin “citrina” – derived from the word lemon, and since time immemorial, it has been honored as the stone of the sun.

Citrine and its healing properties

Citrine is known to emit positive energy. The stone itself has been renowned as a stone of success, for it has always been believed to bring prosperity and stimulate abundance, especially in business. For the sake of luck and attracting more customers, many merchants put Citrine into the cash register. Many people also carry Citrine with them all the time – in their pocket or purse, because it dissipates negative energy, brings balance to life and provides basic protection from all evil.

Citrine and health

Citrine is also very beneficial for physical health. It effectively balances depression, drives off self-underestimation, reduces rage and mood swings. Citrine emits strong positive and warm energy, just like the sun.

This gemstone also helps with digestion, especially stomach problems, and sleeping problems, such as insomnia or nightmares. It has a good effect on the thyroid gland, promotes blood circulation and prevents infections in the kidneys and bladder. Citrine also helps to overcome any kind of addiction, fear, or phobia.

Citrine and zodiac signs

Citrine belongs to the sun sign of Gemini ♊ and can very effectively increase their self-esteem and inner strength and stimulate their creativity and imagination. Along with the emotional balance goes hand in hand with insight and a positive attitude. Gemini, as a volatile sign, will highly appreciate the determination and vital energy that Citrine infuses into their veins.

Although Citrine is not considered a stone of Aries, this stone is very suitable for them, because the ruling planet of Aries is the sun. The Aries ♈ can use Citrine as a stimulus for creative reasoning or finding new inspiration. The Taurus ♉ will appreciate Citrine in the processing of experiences and new impressions. For the Leos ♌, the fifth sign of the horoscope, this stone helps to give them the strength to face anything that could create uncertainty and self-underestimation. As for the Virgos ♍, Citrine widens their horizons and gives them the ability not to get into the details. The Libra ♎ will find mental and emotional balance with Citrine, and they will also make better decisions.

7 Interesting facts about Citrine you should know

  1. The color of Citrine is caused by traces of iron in its structure.
  2. Natural Citrine is relatively rare, so most Citrines on the market are actually heat-treated amethysts.
  3. Citrine is considered to be one of the most popular and most sold yellow gems ever.
  4. Citrine can be often confused with Yellow Topaz (which is heavier and harder).
  5. Citrine is an ideal stone for the 13th and 17th anniversary of marriage.
  6. Some biblists believe that citrine is the tenth of the twelve stones that, according to Exodus, Aaron should have on the armor.
  7. Citrine jewelry is popular among many Hollywood stars and members of royal families (for example Kate Middleton, Jennifer Garner, Adele, Kate Winslet, Joan Crawford, Emma Watson, or the Duchess of Luxembourg).

Do you have Citrine at home or do you wear Citrine jewelry? What are your positive experiences with this stone?

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