5 Gemstones & Crystals For Solar Plexus Chakra

Gemstones have many interesting curative properties – they can support wound healing, illness treatment or convalescence. They can also help us to protect ourselves in different life situations.

Gemstones are particularly suitable for harmonizing chakras. When you have a gemstone close to you, you get a subtle resonance with its vibrations. The universal forces and its properties that drown in you, are blocked or damaged, respond to the vibrations of the gemstones, thus awakening and reviving in their original form.

Solar Plexus Chakra, or Manipura, is 3rd chakra that affects complex emotions, personal strength, suppresses fear, and affects opinions. Its color is yellow, symbolizing optimism, enlightenment, warmth, and clarity. The third chakra is the seat of emotions – anger, fear, guilt, selfishness, or unhealthy desires. It is assigned to a fire element, which means heat, energy, or activity. Solar plexus chakra is our center of strength and it is the area from which emotional energy comes from our bodies.

If you feel that your Solar Plexus chakra needs extra purification, choose the right gemstones. And what are they? Let’s take a look at the five gemstones that are useful when you want to balance the energy of your Solar Plexus chakra.


Aventurine promotes mental health, self-esteem, induces calm, balance and breaks down negative emotions. This gemstone strengthens and regenerates the heart and has a positive effect on the skin, cures eczema, acne, hair loss, and dandruff. Aventurine also relieves headaches and migraines, promotes metabolism and lowers blood cholesterol.

It is one of the most versatile stones and is found in many shades and colors, the most common is green, yellow-green or blue.

Aventurine is a stone of happiness. It emits positive vibrations and brings prosperity and wealth. Its vibrations also help to remove negative electromagnetic radiation. It strengthens decision-making skills and stimulates management qualities. Aventurine encourages communication and helps to express ideas clearly. If you put aventurine under a pillow overnight, it induces peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

Aventurine maintains a balance between female and male energy and is one of the most suitable stones for balancing your third chakra.

Yellow Jasper

Jasper is a stone of protection that can also harmonize the energy of body and spirit. Yellow jasper is considered one of the strongest protective stones ever.

Yellow jasper protects against all negative influences from the surroundings and brings inner peace. It calms the nervous system and all the emotions that one experiences.

Yellow jasper also has an extraordinary ability to correct all injustices that have occurred to man. It is also believed that it purifies the mind and helps one walk forward without looking back in life.

Yellow jasper brings positive energy, stamina, and understanding, tolerance for minor misunderstandings in human and partner relationships, protects travel and mental work, supplies endocrine glands, removes toxins from the body, helps with intestinal problems, heals digestion, stimulates the activity of the pancreas and liver. Yellow jasper very effectively stimulates the activity of the Solar Plexus chakra and it is one of the stones you should definitely have.


Citrine is a yellow stone with brownish spots or smoky gray. It belongs to the sun planet, the element of fire, and has projective energy.

Citrine is an extremely beneficial crystal, some call it a “happy” or “generous” stone. It is one of the stones of abundance that can help us attract wealth, prosperity and success. Citrine provides happiness to anyone who owns it, prevents us from having nightmares and ensures a good night’s sleep. Citrine has been worshiped since time immemorial as the stone of the sun, strengthening the desire to know the true inner self, providing well-being, warmth, liveliness, confidence, and hope.

Citrine acts as an effective cleanser and regenerator, transmitting heat and energy, and greatly enhances its creativity. It absorbs, transforms, scatters and ground negative energy. Citrine is one of the few stones you should own if you want to balance your Solar Plexus chakra.

Golden Topaz

Topaz is a protective stone against all kinds of negativity. It alleviates fear, anger, and depression. Golden Topaz prevents sleepwalking and nightmares, brings joy and abundance, strengthens health, soothes, recharges, motivates, brings truth and forgiveness, as well as the fate of destiny to ensure the successful achievement of set goals.

Golden Topaz helps its owner to be open and achieve inner wisdom. This gemstone is very suitable for artists as well.

Golden topaz increases charisma and belief in one’s own abilities, heals liver, bladder, and endocrine glands. This stone very effectively stimulates the activity of the third chakra.


Carnelian is a high-energy stabilizing gemstone that can recharge the body with energy. Carnelian prevents the emergence of negative emotions and is a powerful protector against envy, rage, and anger. It fills its owner with courage and confidence, removes doubts and reminds us of our uniqueness.

Carnelian is a great helper in magic rituals and magic of love because it increases passion. In terms of physical health, Carnelian stimulates metabolism, increases fertility and has a beneficial effect on female genital organs. In addition to the solar plexus chakra, this stone also has a positive effect on the root and sacral chakra.

These were the five best stones for unblocking and balancing your Solar Plexus chakra. Which of these stones is your favorite? What is your experience?

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