The Empress As Intentions or Goals In A Tarot Reading

the empress as intentions

You’ve just pulled The Empress card in your latest tarot reading. At first glance, she may seem like your typical nurturing mother, but when she pops up where she did, look out! This one’s bursting at the seams with creativity, passion, and a right strong urge to make something splendid. It could be a new project you’re cooking up, a fresh romance, or a whole new period in your life. But The Empress has designs beyond the skin deep. There’s more afoot with her than meets the eye!

The Empress Upright

When the Empress shows up in the upright position in a tarot reading, it means her intentions are good. She wants the best for you both in your life and love life – she wants you to succeed and be nurtured. She’s the one who’ll say to you, “Go for it!” and really mean it.

Fertility And Abundance

When the Empress appears in a reading focused on your intentions, it signifies that you are looking to manifest abundance and prosperity in your life. You want all your hard work and plans to really pay off. The Empress represents the fertile, nurturing energy we all have, so you might be tapping into your own creativity to get some new ideas or ventures off the ground. Success, growth, and abundance are what you’ve got your heart set on. Making things grow and flourish is your big focus right now.

Nurturing Relationships

The Empress is all about nurturing relationships. Your goals might involve strengthening the bonds with the people you care about. You could spend more quality time with friends and family, show more generosity and affection when you interact, or make more of an effort to communicate better and be more intimate. It’s important to you to build a warm, supportive space where you and others feel comfortable bearing your souls.

Self-Care And Balance

When the Empress card shows up when you’re asking about your plans, it means you want to have a really balanced life filled with nice things, beauty, and looking after yourself properly. You want to make sure you’re taking care of what you need and making your health and happiness a priority. Getting out in the countryside, doing creative stuff you enjoy, eating good home-cooked food, and generally slowing down to appreciate the little pleasures in life are all ways you aim to feel nourished. The Empress is reminding us that we need to look after ourselves first if we want to look out for other people, too.

Creativity And Passion

The Empress represents the primal, life-giving feminine energy that fuels creativity and passion. Your intentions may be to reconnect with your creative spirit and the activities that ignite your passion. You want to pour your heart and soul into artistic self-expression, follow your bliss, and unleash your imagination. When this card appears, it is a signal that you should pursue creative projects or hobbies that really inspire your passion and enthusiasm.

The Empress Reversed

If the Empress shows up reversed in one of your tarot readings about what you’re aiming for, it looks like you might be having a spot of bother taking proper care of yourself or the people around you. You could be putting your health or happiness on the back burner just to slog away at work and earn money. You might be deliberately doing things that aren’t too clever or good for your well-being.

Lack of Self-Care

Your usual ability to nurture yourself in a loving way may feel blocked or neglected. You could be so focused outwardly on responsibilities that your own needs get pushed aside. Make sure you’re building in some you-time, whether that’s relaxing with a nice bath, watching your favorite show, or just having an earlier night. Even the little things like making a coffee just how you like it can make a difference.

Difficulty Nurturing Relationships

The reversed Empress can also point to challenges in nurturing your close relationships. You might feel a bit distant from friends and family or struggle to spend quality time with them. But there are little things you can do to strengthen those bonds, like giving someone a call just to check in, sharing a hug, or complimenting them. It’s also good to really listen without criticism when people speak to you and to speak to them kindly and warmly in return.

Creative Blocks

The Empress in reverse can indicate blocks in your creativity or passion projects. Things that usually excite or inspire you may feel dull or unmotivating. Don’t force it. The Empress wants you to let yourself recharge those batteries

Lack of Abundance

The reversed Empress can represent a scarcity mindset or financial difficulties. You might find yourself thinking there’s just never enough money, hours in the day, or things you need. But it’s important to focus on what you do have and be grateful for it. See if there are any little things you can do to feel more financially secure or bring in extra money. Having a spending plan, asking your boss for a pay rise, or setting up ways to make money while you sleep can all help. She wants you to shift your attitude to be more positive and open to opportunities.


If the Empress card shows up in your tarot reading but upside down, it might mean you’re doing something that’s not really helping you out. But if she’s the right way up it says go chase those dreams of yours but also look after your own wellbeing and the people close to you. The Empress wants what’s best for everyone but sometimes we all need reminding to focus on ourselves too.

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