7 Crystals To Warm Your Cold Feet And Hands

crystals for cold feet

You know that feeling when your hands and feet are freezing, even when you’re bundled up in blankets and sweaters? It’s the worst when you just can’t seem to warm up those icy digits. If this is a chronic issue for you during the colder months, you may want to look into using crystals.

Certain healing crystals are thought to help boost circulation and get energy moving through the body again. With the right crystals, you may be able to say goodbye to constantly cold hands and feet this winter.

How Crystals Help Warm Your Hands And Feet

Crystals are natural energy conductors that can help boost your circulation when placed near pulse points on your hands and feet.

Placing crystals like carnelian, citrine, or amber on your wrists or ankles helps open up energy pathways in the body, increasing blood flow to your extremities. The added warmth will have you sighing with relief in no time.

Release of Tension

Cold hands and feet are often caused by tension and anxiety in the body. Calming crystals like amethyst, rose quartz, and lepidolite work to release tension and ease anxiety, allowing your circulation to flow more freely. As your body relaxes, warmth is able to reach even the furthest parts of your limbs.

Restoring Energy Flow

Our hands and feet can also become cold when there are blockages in the body’s energy flow or chi. Crystals that stimulate chi and open up meridians, like turquoise, fluorite, and tiger’s eye, help restore the free flow of energy so it can be distributed evenly throughout the body. Place these crystals between your thumb and index finger or on the arch of your feet to stimulate energy points that influence circulation.

Grounding Excess Energy

Sometimes, cold extremities can be a sign that excess energy is accumulating in the upper body, unable to ground itself. Earthy crystals like hematite, black tourmaline, and red jasper are great for cold feet as they help draw excess energy down from the upper chakras into the root chakra and out through the feet, allowing warmth to infuse the hands and toes. When energy is balanced and flowing, body temperature regulates itself.

The 7 Best Crystals For Improving Circulation


This dark green stone with red flecks is aptly named. Bloodstone is believed to cleanse the blood and improve circulation. Place the stone over your heart or at pulse points like wrists and ankles. The iron in bloodstone may help stimulate red blood cell production and oxygenate the blood.


The fiery orange stone carnelian is thought to stimulate blood flow and revitalize tissues. It’s believed to boost circulation in the lower body especially, making it ideal for cold hands and feet. Hold the stone or wear it as jewelry over areas you want to warm. Carnelian’s energy is said to get your blood pumping, bringing warmth and vitality.


Deep red garnet stimulates blood flow and improves circulation. It’s believed to strengthen and energize the circulatory system, making it particularly useful for cold extremities. Garnet’s vibrancy is thought to resonate with the root chakra, igniting passion and zeal for life. Place garnet stones on your hands or feet, or wear garnet jewelry to benefit from its warming effects.


The golden yellow stone citrine is considered an energizing crystal that activates the solar plexus chakra. It is thought to stimulate circulation and blood flow, especially in the digestive system and extremities. Citrine’s warm, energizing vibration may help boost circulation, bringing more oxygenated blood to cold hands and feet. Hold the stone or wear citrine jewelry over the areas you want to warm.


The bright red stone ruby invigorates life force energy and stimulates circulation. Ruby’s intense vibration resonates with the root chakra and is thought to energize the circulatory system. Place ruby stones or jewelry on your hands or feet to experience its warming and vitalizing effects. Ruby’s rich, red color symbolizes passion, making it ideal for igniting your inner fire and improving blood flow.

Red Jasper

Red jasper has a deep, earthy red tone that symbolizes passion and vitality. It’s believed to stimulate circulation and energize the blood, bringing warmth and improved flow to the extremities. Red jasper activates the root chakra, igniting your inner fire and boosting your passion for life. Place red jasper stones on your hands or feet or wear jewelry featuring this stone to experience its warming effects.

Fire Agate

As the name suggests, fire agate radiates warmth and energy. Its orange and red hues are thought to resonate with the lower chakras, stimulating passion and vitality. Fire agate is believed to boost circulation, especially in the lower body, bringing warmth to cold hands and feet. Place fire agate stones or jewelry on the areas you want to energize and warm. Fire agate’s vibrant color is said to ignite your inner flame, stimulating blood

Using Crystals In Jewelry or Meditation

Wearing Crystal Jewelry

One easy way to benefit from the healing properties of crystals is by wearing crystal jewelry. Crystals like rose quartz, amethyst, and citrine can be found in beautiful pendants, rings, bracelets, and more. Wearing crystal jewelry keeps the stone close to your body so you can absorb its energy throughout the day. For cold hands and feet, amethyst jewelry is a great choice since amethyst is known for increasing blood flow and circulation.

Crystal Meditation And Placement

You can also place crystals directly on or around your body during meditation or relaxation. Holding a crystal in your hands during meditation helps to focus your intention and amplify the crystal’s energy. For cold extremities, place warming crystals like carnelian, amber, or red jasper on the areas you want to heat up, such as your hands, feet, fingers or toes. The natural energy from the stones will help improve your circulation.

Crystal Grids And Layouts

Creating a crystal grid or layout is another powerful way to utilize crystals for healing and manifestation. A grid involves placing multiple crystals in a specific geometric pattern to magnify their energies. For poor circulation and coldness, you can create a grid using red and orange crystals like carnelian, amber, and agate. Place the grid near areas you want to warm, such as by a sofa or bed. The combined energies of the stones in the grid will work together to warm and energize your space.

Crystal Baths

For an all-over warming and rejuvenating experience, try taking a crystal bath. Place several warm and invigorating crystals like carnelian, citrine, or amber into a warm bath. As you soak, the crystals will infuse the water with their energizing vibrations. The heat from the water will also help open up your pores, allowing you to absorb the beneficial properties of the crystals. A crystal bath can help leave you feeling warm, relaxed, and revitalized.

Using crystals in these multifaceted ways helps to maximize their healing potential. Experiment with different crystals and techniques to find what resonates most with you.

My Advice

Keep a few tumbled stones in your pocket to roll between your palms. Place some polished points on your desk or nightstand to beam their energy your way. Or brew up a mug of citrine-infused tea to thaw from the inside out. However you choose to use them, these crystals are sure to take the chill off and get your circulation flowing again. And that means you can go about your wintery business in cozy comfort.

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