7 Smart Ways To Make A Leo Man Feel Guilty For Hurting You

Your Leo man hurt you, and now you want a little revenge by making him feel guilty. I get it – that sting of heartbreak isn’t easy to forget. But before you pull out the emotional warfare, let’s chat. Making someone feel bad rarely resolves conflict. However, if you must go down this road, there are subtle ways to prick his conscience without being cruel.

how to make a leo man regret losing you

Think About Why Your Leo Man Hurt You

To make your Leo man feel guilty, you need to realize that it is not your responsibility to rebuild a bond you did not break. The best thing to do is hold your head up, remember your own worth, and let him figure out if he wants to put in the work to rebuild your trust. You don’t owe him anything – he’s the one who messed up. Do what’s best for you, even if that means moving on without him.

You can also drop hints that you’re moving on and no longer need his affection or praise. Suggest that the breakup barely impacts your happiness or self-worth. This indifference will damage his ego and self-image, causing guilt for taking you for granted.

Don’t Act Desperate or Needy

The worst thing you can do is act desperate for his attention or seem needy. Leo men value independence and confidence in their partners.

Show Him You’re Living Your Best Life

Keep posting on social media like normal, and don’t mope around. Go out with friends, go after your hobbies and passions, and make new plans without him. When he sees you thriving, it’ll drive him crazy.

Don’t Constantly Call or Text Him

Give him space, and don’t blow up his phone. Only send an occasional casual text or call, and if he doesn’t respond, don’t panic. Stay calm and occupied with other things. Constantly reaching out will only make you appear insecure and push him away further.

Don’t Beg For Him To Take You Back

Have some dignity, and don’t plead for another chance. Leo’s admire strength and pride. Begging will only damage your self-esteem and cause him to lose respect for you. Instead, stay confident in who you are. If he comes around, he’ll appreciate you that much more.

Show Him What He’s Missing

Make it known you’re having a great time without him. Post photos on social media of you out with friends, trying new hobbies, traveling, or succeeding at work. Let him see all the ways your life has improved since the breakup. When he realizes how much better you’re doing without him, his guilt will start to creep in.

Of course, don’t fabricate an entirely new lifestyle just to make him jealous. Continue doing things you genuinely enjoy, and that fulfills you. Your confidence and joy will shine through in a natural way.

As you start to move on, your ex will start doubting whether ending things with you was the right choice. He’ll wonder if the single life is really as great as he thought. Once he sees what an amazing, vivacious person you are—and knows he’s missing out—his regret and guilt will come flooding in.

Remind Him of The Good Times

Remind your Leo man of all the fun times you shared together. Send him a quick text with a memory of an inside joke you two laughed at or a happy moment you spent together. And if you are not in touch with him but he keeps following you on social media, share things you love – something you did both together.

Mentioning a specific moment you bonded over will make him realize how much joy you brought to his life. It’s a subtle reminder of the connection you once shared, without directly accusing him of hurting you. Keep these types of casual messages going every so often to ignite nostalgia without seeming overly emotional or dramatic.

Stand Your Ground And Show Strength

When a Leo man hurts you, he may expect you to come crawling back to him, begging for forgiveness. Don’t give him the satisfaction. Instead, hold your head high and stand up for yourself. Let him know his behavior is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.

Speak in a calm, confident tone and tell him exactly how his actions made you feel. Say something like, “The way you lied to me and broke my trust was not okay. I deserve to be treated with respect.” Your strength and self-assurance will catch him off guard, piercing through his ego. He’ll realize you won’t be manipulated and that you value yourself too much to settle for less.

Don’t plead with him or make excuses for his actions. Simply state the facts about what happened and that you expect better treatment going forward. If he’s genuinely sorry, he’ll work to make things right. If not, you’ll know you dodged a bullet. Either way, you’ll walk away from the conversation with your dignity intact, and that confidence alone may be enough to make him regret his foolish mistake.

Make Him Work To Regain Your Trust

The damage has been done, but that doesn’t mean you have to make it easy for him to earn back your trust. Putting in effort will show how serious he is and make him appreciate you that much more.

Don’t accept his apology right away. Hear him out, but tell him you need time. Avoid contacting him for a few days so he realizes what he’s missing. When you do talk again, have an honest conversation about how his actions made you feel and what he can do to rebuild trust. Be specific in what you need to see from him.

Ask for transparency and accountability. Request access to his social media or phone records and check in on occasion. While snooping isn’t healthy long-term, it can provide temporary reassurance as trust is re-established.

Pay attention to not just his words but his actions. Don’t be swayed by lavish gifts or empty promises. Look for consistent behavior that shows he’s committed to you. It may take weeks or months, but if he’s genuinely remorseful and making an effort, you’ll start to feel secure in the relationship again.

Say No When Needed

A Leo man craves your attention and affection. So, when he knows he has it, he may take advantage and expect you to always be available when he wants. Don’t let him walk all over you. Politely but firmly tell him “no” when you have other plans or simply need time for yourself.

For example, if he calls and wants to get together at the last minute but you already have plans with friends, say something like, “Sorry, I have plans tonight that I can’t cancel. Maybe we can get together this weekend instead?” He will respect you more for valuing your own time and independence. After all, you have a life outside of him, and he needs to understand that.

Similarly, don’t feel obligated to drop everything whenever he wants to talk or needs help with something. It’s okay to say you’re busy at the moment but will call him back later. Setting healthy boundaries and making your limits clear will prevent resentment from building up over time. Speak up in a gentle, caring way and suggest alternative solutions so you can both get your needs met.

Extra Tip: Move On If He Doesn’t Step Up

If, after trying to make your Leo man feel guilty for hurting you, he still doesn’t come around and sincerely apologize, it may be time to move on from the relationship. As difficult as it is, you deserve so much better than someone who won’t take responsibility for their actions and work to make things right.

Don’t bother putting in extra time and energy for someone who isn’t willing to do the same for you. Start going out with your friends more, pursue your own hobbies and interests, and begin to rebuild your confidence from within. In time, the hurt and pain will fade, and you’ll start to feel like your old self again. You may even find that special someone who will treat you the way you deserve.

Though it’s hard, try not to dwell on the past and focus on surrounding yourself with people who love and support you. Your worth isn’t defined by his inability to appreciate you. Pick yourself back up, and move forward knowing you gave the relationship your all. His loss will be someone else’s gain.

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