15 Wonderful Angel Affirmations

angel affirmations

Have you ever walked down the street and suddenly a white feather landed in front of you? Did you find a coin on the ground in an unusual place? Maybe you looked at the clock and it was just 22:22 or 11:11? These are no coincidences but signs from the angelic realm.

Angels often try to communicate with us through a few signs or just want to say that they are around you, supervising you and protecting you. If you feel that you do not perceive the angelic energy around you, or you need to ask the angels for help, try one of our affirmations.

angel affirmations
  • I’m surrounded by angelic love
  • I open my mind to the advice of angels
  • I communicate easily with angelic forces
  • My angels fill me with angelic inspiration
  • Today I choose to be fully aware of the presence of my angels
  • Angelic guidance is given to me constantly
  • I now have the faith to believe in miracles
angel affirmations
  • I accept the love from my guardian angels
  • I listen to my inner voices and feelings
  • I know that the Angels are all around me, guiding me right now
  • I invite angels to my life
  • I allow the angels to help me today
  • Today I choose to let the angels guide me in the right direction
  • Angels help me to bless and heal all relationships in my life
  • I am so grateful that my angels are always around me, protecting me, guiding me in the right direction, and taking care of me
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