Říjen vs. listopad Štír: Kdo je horší?

october scorpio vs november scorpio

You know what they say about Scorpios – they’re intense, secretive, and occasionally toxic. Oh, and manipulative. But did you know there are actually two types of Scorpios? Those born in October and those born in November are similar in some ways yet totally different in others.

If you’ve ever been burned by a Scorpio’s sting, chances are they were an October baby. And if they asked you to marry them after only meeting twice, they were almost definitely a Scorpio from November.

The Scorpio Personality: Passionate, Intense, And Complex

Scorpios born in October versus November tend to exhibit some differences in their vibrant and mysterious personalities. October Scorpios, influenced by the sun, are typically more assertive and determined. They know what they want and never back down from a challenge. November Scorpios, influenced by Pluto, the planet of transformation, are usually more secretive and vengeful. They have a darker intensity about them and often hold grudges.

Intensity And Passion

Both October and November Scorpios share a profound passion for life and deep emotions. Their intensity can be overwhelming for some. Scorpios feel everything deeply and throw themselves wholeheartedly into relationships and pursuits. For better or worse, there are no halfway measures with a Scorpio. They love and hate with equal passion.

Need For Control

Scorpios of either sign crave power and control in all areas of their lives. They make shrewd leaders and value discipline and loyalty. Betray a Scorpio, and you’ll face their notorious sting. Scorpios prefer to be the puppeteer pulling the strings, even in their close relationships. They have a hard time trusting others and giving up control.

Secretive Nature

All Scorpios are highly secretive and guarded. They live behind an enigmatic mask and rarely reveal their true selves. Scorpios hold their cards close, but they are always observing and analyzing. Very little gets past a Scorpio’s watchful eye. They seem to see right through people. Their intuition is rarely wrong, for better or worse.

The Differences Between October Scorpios vs November Scorpios

October Scorpios: The Charismatic Enigma

Those born in October are intense and secretive yet charming and magnetic. They draw you in with their mysterious allure, but good luck getting them to open up! October Scorpios keep their cards close to their chest, only revealing parts of themselves when they feel like it. This makes them frustratingly hard to read, even for their closest companions.

November Scorpios: The Passionate Free Spirit

In contrast, November Scorpios wear their hearts on their sleeves. They’re open books that aren’t afraid to express how they truly feel. Emotional, creative, and idealistic, November Scorpios follow their passions and dreams. They value freedom and nonconformity, refusing to be boxed in by society’s rules. However, their emotional intensity and rebellious streak can sometimes translate into moodiness, jealousy, and stubbornness.

Both types of Scorpios share an innate curiosity about human nature and a desire for deep, transformative relationships. But while October Scorpios draw you in with their air of mystery, November Scorpios captivate you with the depth of their emotional authenticity.

Láska a vztahy

When it comes to relationships, October and November Scorpios can differ quite a bit in their approach. October Scorpios tend to be more guarded and slow to open up to new partners. They value emotional depth and intimate connections, so they prefer taking time to get to know someone before becoming vulnerable. November Scorpios, on the other hand, tend to dive headfirst into relationships, following their heart over their head. They crave passionate partnerships and intense emotional experiences.

Once in a relationship, October Scorpios prove to be loyal and committed partners. However, their mysterious nature and secretive tendencies can sometimes lead to trust issues if not properly addressed. They have a hard time opening up completely and may keep parts of themselves hidden. November Scorpios throw themselves fully into relationships and love deeply and unconditionally. They have a hard time holding back and struggle with self-restraint.

When it comes to arguments or conflict, October Scorpios tend to be more vengeful and hold grudges, using manipulation or mind games to get what they want. November Scorpios are more hot-headed and confrontational, preferring direct arguments to address issues. However, their anger is quick to flare up and also quick to fade. They value resolution over resentment.

Both October and November Scorpios can make loyal and devoted partners. But October Scorpios may need more time to establish trust while November Scorpios should work on developing better self-control and restraint.

Career And Ambitions

October Scorpios: Power-Hungry Leaders

Born in October, you’re driven to succeed through gaining power and status. Your ambition knows no bounds, nothing’s going to hold you back from achieving your ambitions. Some may see you as power-hungry or manipulative, but you’re just motivated to be the best.

November Scorpios: Behind-The-Scenes Strategists

As a November Scorpio, you prefer to operate behind the scenes. You’re a keen strategist with the ability to subtly influence outcomes. Rather than direct leadership, you achieve success through careful planning, networking, and pulling strings. Some may mistake your secretive nature for shadiness, but you just like to keep your ambitions close to your chest.

While October Scorpios are motivated by gaining status and power over others, November Scorpios find more satisfaction in orchestrating events from the shadows. Both types share a fierce determination to succeed in their careers and life ambitions. The difference lies in how much glory and recognition they seek.

At work, October Scorpios will actively pursue leadership roles and openly vie for promotions. November Scorpios are content in more strategic positions, working diligently behind the scenes to shape outcomes and gain influence. In relationships, October Scorpios demand to be in control, while November Scorpios prefer an equal partnership where both parties respect each other’s independence and ambitions.

Who’s The “Shadier” Scorpio?

You may have heard that Scorpios born in October are the most intense, brooding, and manipulative of the sign. Those born in November, on the other hand, are supposedly the enlightened, balanced ones. The truth is, there’s a lot of overlap between October and November Scorpios.

Both Can Be Intense

October and November Scorpios are equally capable of the deep emotions and passion that Scorpio is known for. Scorpios experience life intensely and form deep connections with people. While sometimes overwhelming, this ability to feel so deeply is a gift.

Manipulation Is A Stereotype

Neither October nor November Scorpios are inherently manipulative or toxic. Like any sign, unhealthy individuals may resort to manipulation, but this behavior is not the norm. Scorpios simply value honesty and loyalty in their relationships above all else.

There’s Balance In Both

All Scorpios have the ability to balance their intense emotions with logic and reason. Those born in October are not doomed to be brooding and dark, just as November Scorpios are not guaranteed to be enlightened gurus. Every individual, no matter the sign, contains both light and shadow.

Stereotypes or Not, Scorpios Are Hot!

Whether you believe in the stereotypes or not, I really like Scorpios. They’re so intense – really feel everything on a deep level. And they’re honestly blunt, sometimes brutally so! But whether they have their birthday in October or November, I think Scorpios could do with a bit more appreciation. They wear their hearts on their sleeves!

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