What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone

It’s the third night in a row, and you keep having the same reoccurring dream about the same person. Isn’t that weird? You keep wondering if it’s a specific reason that you keep having this dream, right? Well, let’s get into what a dream actually is what it means when you keep dreaming of someone.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone

A dream is a series of thoughts or pictures that play out in our minds when we are asleep. Sometimes, we can control what we dream, and sometimes we can’t. Most of us forget our dreams as soon as we open our eyes; however, if we keep dreaming about the same things, it’s kind of hard to forget.

When you dream about someone such as a family member, spouse, friend, ex, or anyone that is someone, it means that you had thought of that person at some point in the day before you went to sleep. It even can mean that the person has also thought of you throughout that day as well. How fascinating?

Now that we have established how you dream about a person, let’s understand what it means if you constantly keep dreaming of this particular person. One reason of continuously dreaming about a person could be that you are stressed out about a certain situation. People have reoccurring dreams of people also when the other person is either having great thoughts or bad thoughts about you.

Hey, it could even mean absolutely nothing at all when you keep dreaming about someone. You could even be thinking about a past situation in your life that may have involved that person, and now you are dreaming of them.

Dreams occur in our subconscious mind, so it could be thoughts that you didn’t even know that you thought if that made any sense. Doing different things throughout the day could affect how your dreams occur, and it may just keep showing you a picture of that person because you keep thinking about that person.

If you are into spirituality, it could depend on how you felt when you woke up. Did you feel happy feelings? How about sad feelings? Were you excited after you woke up and dreamed about this particular person? Did you feel angry? Your feelings after you wake up have a huge impact on if the dream was trying to tell you something about this person or if it was just a dream.

A wise person once said: “If you remember a dream, it wasn’t just a dream; it was a message.” So just the mere fact that you remember the dream is a sure sign that either that person in your life in the past, present, or future still has some unfinished business with you, or they may just be your angels trying to redirect your life. It’s endless possibilities as to why you can be dreaming of a person.

It’s also okay not to know what the dream really meant. After all, it’s just a dream!

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