The Best Fertility Natural Products And Supplements to Help You Get Pregnant

Today, there are many ways to promote pregnancy, including acupuncture for fertility. When women seek to have a child, sometimes there are some problems conceiving. However, nutritional supplements are a positive source in the area of ​​fertility.

supplements to help you get pregnant

Supplements are vitally crucial for fertility as they help us increase nutritional deficiencies in our diet.

The importance of hormones for fertility

Women who want to get pregnant should try to have a good hormonal balance so that ovulation and cycles occur on a regular basis. By having such a balance in hormones, follicular development will take place optimally. In addition, it promotes the progression of healthy reproductive tissues, which will allow the ovum to implant favorably.

As for men, nutritional supplements also provide them with better functioning in their reproductive system.

Folic acid

Among some of the supplements that are most efficient in promoting pregnancy is folic acid. This acid is essential for women looking to father and should be one of the main elements to take when trying to have a baby.

Folic acid can be ingested, as recommended by specialists, on a daily basis and in a minimum amount of 400 milligrams. Since most foods do not contain this component, it is best to consume it in capsules, as it will not be possible to achieve the necessary dose only through nutrition.


Another suitable supplement in the field of fertility is the maca plant. The botanical name of this bush is Lepidium mevenil, and it has been used for many years for its medicinal and fertilizing properties.

Maca is beneficial for positively establishing hormonal levels in women, and in men, it improves prostate function, allowing an effect that benefits sperm production and quality.

Evening Primrose Oil

For the hormonal levels of women – necessary for conception – evening primrose oil is also a supplement that works in their favor. This oil helps women in diseases such as endometriosis, which consists of the growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus.


Yohimbe is also beneficial for the man trying to conceive. This supplement is extracted from the bark of an African tree. It is also popularly known as “the tree of love” or “natural viagra,” which is recognized as the only aphrodisiac with scientifically proven effects.

The chaste berry helps ovulation and improves prolactin levels – a hormone that induces the secretion of milk in the mammary glands.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are another excellent option for getting pregnant. Red tea, raspberry, basil, calendula, and clover, work in favor of hormonal balance and allow adequate ovulation. These teas can be drunk two or three times a day. Other herbs that are used for the preparation of these drinks are black cohosh, chaste berry, and Siberian ginger.

The importance of supplementation to conceive

Today, in the field of fertility and against infertility, nutritional supplements are a highly recommended alternative for the nutritional routine.

Such supplements are gaining wide recognition from specialists and science. Conception rates have been favored due to this option being healthy compared to the usual treatments against infertility.

Many couples have trouble having a baby, and getting pregnant sometimes becomes a complicated issue in women’s lives.

Both men and women may have difficulty conceiving, and in some cases, both must undergo treatment at the same time.

Due to the complications that can occur, nutritional supplements made from herbs have come to be part of the solution. In addition, there are certain supplements, accepted by science, that help facilitate conception, which can be in a simple container.

The herbs serve as the base element for the creation of the nutritional ingredients that need to be consumed for fertility to occur effectively. Vitex agnus castus -from Central Asia- and the amino acid L-carnitine are responsible for improving fertility in both men and women.

A very important factor for women when it comes to getting pregnant is having a hormonal balance in good condition. Having this balance of hormones allows regular ovulation to achieve pregnancy.


FertilAid is a supplement that manages to combat nutritional insufficiency and helps to overcome infertility problems. Women and men can benefit from this product, as there are formulas created for each one.

By combining the usual treatments offered by medicine and herbal science, supplements such as FertilAid provide a mixture of vitamins and minerals that contain different herbs capable of regulating and maintaining reproduction in good condition.

Specialists and consumers have given their approval to these nutritional supplements for being safe and efficient to achieve having children.


Scientific studies affirm that deficiencies associated with hormonal problems can be revealed with the consumption of the herb vitex.

Vitex is part of the ingredients of FertilAid, and is designed to improve the health of those women who do not have a normal menstrual cycle.

In addition, Vitex is used to work on polycystic ovary syndrome, which is one of the most common diseases that cause infertility in women. Also, it can be consumed after having finished the use of contraceptive pills to restore ovulation functions.

Supplements to boost men’s fertility

Not everything is in the hands of the woman. As in diet, we were talking about how men’s sperm can be improved; supplementation also plays an important role here.


The amino acid L-Carnitine, together with a range of antioxidants, acts to improve the reproductive health of men who want to become fathers. This supplement is important for sperm formation.

It must be taken into account that to achieve pregnancy, both men and women must consume vitamins A, C, B6, and B12.


Another component that favors men is L-Arginine. It is an amino acid that, being present in sperm, can improve its quality in all possible ways.

Last word

When couples seek to have a child, sometimes they are willing to carry out different tips and formulas to get pregnant quickly. The natural products and supplements that we have listed in this article usually bring positive results. However, it is important to remember that your mental well-being also plays a very important role, so it is crucial to take care of both your body and your mind.

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