How To Attract a Scorpio Man (8 Tips That Work)

Scorpios are known to be the most intense and passionate zodiac sign. Although they are a water sign, their passion often makes people see them like fire. They are truly their own kind.

how to attract a scorpio man

Scorpios are one of the three water signs, and water signs are known to be emotional, intuitive, and extremely reflective, like a mirror. They are also very passionate and get jealous easily, so it is essential to remain loyal and upfront when dating a Scorpio man or woman.

Scorpio men are extremely independent and unafraid to take their own trail, without fear of what anyone else will believe or think. Scorpio men have a mystery to them unlike any other.

Whether you are a woman or a man, below you will learn how to attract a Scorpio man.

scorpio man

Accept him

Love him as he is, do not try to change him. Be open-minded and listen to him. Scorpios are stubborn, but they want someone who isn’t. He wants someone who does not try and make him be someone he is not. Your biggest way to his heart is to accept him and lean into all he is.

Be honest

Don’t lie. Scorpios have a hard time trusting, so once you lie, it will be tough to get back the trust and carry on a healthy relationship. You can be honest without over-sharing and still maintain charming qualities. Be honest about who you are and your needs.

Be ambitious

Go after the things you want. Hard work and determination look good on everyone. Nobody likes a lazy partner or a complainer. Be neither of those.

Do things with passion

Scorpios are passionate, and they are looking for someone to understand that side of them. They are not blah, and they do not want blah. They want passion for adventures, conversations, in the bedroom and everywhere. They need you to see the sparks in life with them.

Flirt and use sex appeal

Flirt with him. Show but not it all; keep some hidden. Undress each other with your words instead of with your hands. Really appeal to the wit and the mind, instead of just the body, and you’ll have a loyal Scorpio by your side for life.

Connect with deep topics

Talk about philosophy, dreams, your traumas… all the non – party topics. Scorpios need someone who doesn’t just skim the surface and move on. They like the discover what is in between the layers of life and every chapter of the story.

Be confident

Carry yourself well. Don’t be insecure. Have yourself figured out, and Scorpios will love you. They aren’t trying to raise anyone; they want to meet their equals. A Scorpio needs someone who can carry their own as they are independent and introspective by nature.

Stay mysterious

Keep things to yourself. Don’t be super showy and over the top. Scorpios tend to be mysterious, and they are drawn to other mysterious people. They like a little game of cat and mouse, and they like the fantasies that being mysterious brings into life and the bedroom. Scorpios are extremely sexual, and the mystery keeps everything alive.

Bottom line

Scorpios are deep and passionate individuals. If you’re looking to attract a Scorpio man, you have to be deep and passionate yourself to keep that man loyal and devoted truly. Don’t ever let the sparks die down!

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