What Foods Should You Eat Based On Your Zodiac Sign

According to the principles of astrological nutrition, each sign of the zodiac has its own unique characteristics when it comes to metabolism and gastronomic preferences.

Following the distinctive approaches of different zodiac signs of diet, everyone who wants to maintain their body weight within healthy limits should use their healthy preferences and be careful when it comes to sweet and salty “addictions.”

This article can help you better understand the dietary characteristics of typical zodiac representatives and adjust the choice of foods accordingly.

what foods should you eat based on your zodiac sign


Aries’s diets start with enthusiasm but give up very quickly if the pounds don’t start to melt right away. The best diet for members of this fire sign consists of fish, fresh salads, and fruit juices, such as apple or fresh grapefruit juice. Aries-born individuals should eat foods rich in sugar and starch because it gives them the energy they need. In that way, they will control a strong metabolism.

Aries is a relatively impatient sign, so they should realize that losing weight requires time and diligence. They should also use their physical energy (or anger) productively, for example, running, boxing, or other activity that will help them drain excess energy or aggression in them.


Taurus women lose weight slowly but continuously. They have a highly developed patience and tend to accept the transition to a healthy diet. Apples, grapes, vegetables, spices such as chili and curry, and, of course, cereals are recommended. They should avoid any biscuits, sweets, and excessively fatty sauces. It is known that Taurus men like to eat a lot, but they should also follow the same recommendations as their female “colleagues.”

Taurus is often considered a lazy sign, so the wise Bull should think twice and make some changes for the better. For example, instead of using an elevator, they may walk up the stairs. If they take a bus home from work, they can get off one stop earlier and walk home.


Women born in the sign of Gemini have a habit of eating occasionally and, as a rule, choose unhealthy food. They should eat as often as possible during the day but by no means copious meals. They should also avoid excessive coffee and all other beverages that contain caffeine. Green tea is a perfect substitute for coffee

It is recommended for both female and male Gemini to eat fresh fruits, such as oranges and grapefruit or peaches, and to enjoy seasonal vegetables as much as possible.

Geminis are experts in multitasking and often, because they are swamped, reach for any food without thinking. Their job is to think about choosing food and, above all, to eat slowly. They also need to control their scattered energy because that’s not the right way to lose weight. Even if they consume fewer calories, which should lead to weight loss, they often do not lose weight because stress prevents them from doing so.


Cancer-born women are incredibly talented at cooking and always need to try new recipes. Therefore, they should opt for a varied low-calorie diet. Fish, grapes, cabbage juice, and broccoli are recommended for both women and men. They should avoid sugar, cookies, white bread, and beer. These astrological crabs are very prone to stress, which has a terrible effect on digestion. That is why they must adhere to the diet and take care of their physical health and their mental health.

Cancer is also a very frugal sign that doesn’t like to throw away leftovers and often tends to eat more just so that no food ends up in the trash. Cancer, the sign with the largest maternal instincts, often finishes the food after their children, and this is one of the bad habits that prevent them from losing weight.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day


Lion women love freedom, good food, and fine drinks. Fortunately, they also have a strong metabolism that allows them to stay active. They should eat iron-rich vegetables, such as spinach or broccoli, grapes, coconut, and raisins. Leo men have no choice but to follow the same diet and try to do more sports. Leo likes fancy foods and often likes to try new, and mostly healthy, ingredients and foods.

The problem arises when Leo drinks alcohol. After that, they lose control over what they eat and often eat as much as they would not eat in three days. If they are sad or stressed, they deal with it either by eating too much or not eating at all. None of this is good at all for their health and keeping them slim.


Virgo women need to protect their sensitive digestive systems. A vegetarian or low-carb diet is most suitable for them. Recommended foods include cooked vegetables, spinach, salads, cereals, tomatoes, apples, bananas, and brown rice. Both women and men of this sign should avoid “fast food,” excessive amounts of white sugar, highly spicy foods, fats, and foods cooked with too much vegetable oil.

This sign governs the body part of the abdomen, so Virgo should pay special attention to what food they eat and drinks they drink. If they are at a party and someone offers them a lot of food, they should learn to say no. When it comes to food, they always tend to agree and taste everything that is brought to them on the tray.


Libra should drink large amounts of water, avoid alcohol and any sugary drinks, and eat foods rich in protein. They should eat foods rich in protein, for example, a lot of fish, seafood, yogurt, brown rice, corn, tomatoes, spinach, grapes, apples, strawberries, and almonds. Libra men are advised to avoid biscuits and sweets; they should eat foods rich in plant fiber.

Like Virgo, Libra has a problem saying no when someone brings them a lot of food. On the other hand, compared to Virgo or Taurus, with whom they share the planet Venus, Libras are more active and are aware that if they take in a certain amount of calories, movement is a tool to burn them.


Male Scorpions are usually very busy with their jobs, so they often skip meals. That is why their diet should contain food that is prepared quickly and easily. Scorpios should not skip breakfast at any cost, because it is the most important meal of the day. Those born in this sign should eat brown rice, lettuce, celery, sprouts, cucumbers, cherries, oranges, and lemons as part of their diet. Scorpios also like very spicy foods, but it does not cause them any trouble.

The most recommended foods for Scorpio include garlic, onions, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, quality beef, and herbal teas.


For all those born in this fiery sign, the best foods for weight loss are fruits rich in vitamin C, tomatoes, and onions. Since they are prone to exaggeration, they should know how to curb the ordering of ready-made fast food and minimize sugar and any sweets.

No matter how much others assure you that something is extremely healthy or, conversely, unhealthy, Sagittarius should always make choices according to their own feelings. Sagittarius should learn to listen more to their body because our body sometimes tells us what it needs. For example, if Sagittarius has a period when he has increased appetite for garlic, it is often because our body lacks the substance that garlic contains. Or if they have an increased appetite for fish, it’s probably because their body lacks protein.

In order for Sagittarius to feel better in their body, they should make their own decisions and according to how they feel, not according to magazine articles or what someone told them.


Capricorns usually do not have significant problems with excess weight. However, if this happens, they return to optimal shape very quickly. Their recommended diet should include vegetable soups, salads with a bit of vinegar and oil, and moderate amounts of lean meat, preferably poultry.

For a good mood, it is sometimes recommended for Capricorns to eat something sweet, for example, sesame halva, carrot cake, dark chocolate, or anything they like. In a reasonable amount, of course.


For women born in the sign of Aquarius, it is essential to maintain a low-fat diet. You should stay away from any fatty meats and sweets. Their ideal diet includes fruits, especially apples and citrus fruits, but also dried fruits and nuts. Pine nuts, walnuts, or sunflower seeds are perfect for Aquarius.

Aquarius men should stop inventing eccentric food combinations and return to their lives the habit of consuming well-cooked and straightforward food. The best dishes for Aquarius are cooked at home because they are sure that they know what they eat and what exact nutritional value their food has.


Pisces like to eat well, but after that, they often have problems due to their sensitive body. To succeed in maintaining a diet, they need the support of friends. Both women and men born in this sign should eat iron-rich foods, such as eggs, liver, cereals, peas, spinach, oysters, grapes, prunes, apricots, and peaches. If they want to lose weight healthily, Pisces should reduce the amount of salt in their diet.

Since the legs and feet are the ruling part of the body of this sign, Pisces should not have a problem with exercise, especially with brisk walking or running.

Bottom line

A healthy diet is crucial no matter what your horoscope sign is. Also, keep in mind that our bodies often talk to us, and it is essential to listen to it.

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